Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  1.8.4 Feb/15/2016
coarsening_rs.c File Reference

Coarsening with a modified Ruge-Stuben strategy. More...

#include "fasp.h"
#include "fasp_functs.h"
#include "linklist.inl"

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SHORT fasp_amg_coarsening_rs (dCSRmat *A, ivector *vertices, dCSRmat *P, iCSRmat *S, AMG_param *param)
 Standard and aggressive coarsening schemes. More...

Detailed Description

Coarsening with a modified Ruge-Stuben strategy.

Ref Multigrid by U. Trottenberg, C. W. Oosterlee and A. Schuller Appendix P475 A.7 (by A. Brandt, P. Oswald and K. Stuben) Academic Press Inc., San Diego, CA, 2001.

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Definition in file coarsening_rs.c.

Function Documentation

SHORT fasp_amg_coarsening_rs ( dCSRmat A,
ivector vertices,
dCSRmat P,
iCSRmat S,
AMG_param param 

Standard and aggressive coarsening schemes.

APointer to dCSRmat: Coefficient matrix (index starts from 0)
verticesIndicator vector for the C/F splitting of the variables
PInterpolation matrix (nonzero pattern only)
SStrong connection matrix
paramPointer to AMG_param: AMG parameters
FASP_SUCCESS if successed; otherwise, error information.
Xuehai Huang, Chensong Zhang, Xiaozhe Hu, Ludmil Zikatanov
vertices = 0: fine; 1: coarse; 2: isolated or special

Modified by Xiaozhe Hu on 05/23/2011: add strength matrix as an argument Modified by Xiaozhe Hu on 04/24/2013: modify aggressive coarsening Modified by Chensong Zhang on 04/28/2013: remove linked list Modified by Chensong Zhang on 05/11/2013: restructure the code

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