Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  1.8.4 Feb/15/2016
interface_umfpack.c File Reference

Interface to UMFPACK direct solvers. More...

#include <time.h>
#include "fasp.h"
#include "fasp_functs.h"

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INT fasp_solver_umfpack (dCSRmat *ptrA, dvector *b, dvector *u, const SHORT prtlvl)
 Solve Au=b by UMFpack. More...

Detailed Description

Interface to UMFPACK direct solvers.

Reference for SuiteSparse:

Definition in file interface_umfpack.c.

Function Documentation

INT fasp_solver_umfpack ( dCSRmat ptrA,
dvector b,
dvector u,
const SHORT  prtlvl 

Solve Au=b by UMFpack.

ptrAPointer to a dCSRmat matrix
bPointer to the dvector of right-hand side term
uPointer to the dvector of solution
prtlvlOutput level
Chensong Zhang

Modified by Chensong Zhang on 02/27/2013 for new FASP function names.

Definition at line 37 of file interface_umfpack.c.