Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  1.8.4 Feb/15/2016
interpolation_em.c File Reference

Interpolation operators for AMG based on energy-min. More...

#include <math.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "fasp.h"
#include "fasp_functs.h"

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void fasp_amg_interp_em (dCSRmat *A, ivector *vertices, dCSRmat *P, AMG_param *param)
 Energy-min interpolation. More...

Detailed Description

Interpolation operators for AMG based on energy-min.

Ref J. Xu and L. Zikatanov "On An Energy Minimizing Basis in Algebraic Multigrid Methods" Computing and visualization in sciences, 2003

Definition in file interpolation_em.c.

Function Documentation

void fasp_amg_interp_em ( dCSRmat A,
ivector vertices,
dCSRmat P,
AMG_param param 

Energy-min interpolation.

APointer to dCSRmat: the coefficient matrix (index starts from 0)
verticesPointer to the indicator of CF splitting on fine or coarse grid
PPointer to the dCSRmat matrix of resulted interpolation
paramPointer to AMG_param: AMG parameters
Shuo Zhang, Xuehai Huang

Modified by Chunsheng Feng, Zheng Li on 10/17/2012: add OMP support Modified by Chensong Zhang on 05/14/2013: reconstruct the code

Definition at line 49 of file interpolation_em.c.