Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  1.8.4 Feb/15/2016
pgmres_mf.c File Reference

Krylov subspace methods – Preconditioned GMRes (matrix free) More...

#include <math.h>
#include "fasp.h"
#include "fasp_functs.h"
#include "itsolver_util.inl"

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INT fasp_solver_pgmres (mxv_matfree *mf, dvector *b, dvector *x, precond *pc, const REAL tol, const INT MaxIt, const SHORT restart, const SHORT stop_type, const SHORT prtlvl)
 Solve "Ax=b" using PGMRES (right preconditioned) iterative method. More...

Detailed Description

Krylov subspace methods – Preconditioned GMRes (matrix free)

Refer to Y. Saad 2003 Iterative methods for sparse linear systems (2nd Edition), SIAM
Refer to A.H. Baker, E.R. Jessup, and Tz.V. Kolev A Simple Strategy for Varying the Restart Parameter in GMRES(m) Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 230 (2009) pp. 751-761. UCRL-JRNL-235266.

Definition in file pgmres_mf.c.

Function Documentation

INT fasp_solver_pgmres ( mxv_matfree mf,
dvector b,
dvector x,
precond pc,
const REAL  tol,
const INT  MaxIt,
const SHORT  restart,
const SHORT  stop_type,
const SHORT  prtlvl 

Solve "Ax=b" using PGMRES (right preconditioned) iterative method.

mfPointer to mxv_matfree: the spmv operation
bPointer to dvector: the right hand side
xPointer to dvector: the unknowns
pcPointer to precond: the structure of precondition
tolTolerance for stopping
MaxItMaximal number of iterations
restartRestarting steps
stop_typeStopping criteria type – DOES not support this parameter
prtlvlHow much information to print out
Iteration number if converges; ERROR otherwise.
Zhiyang Zhou

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