Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  1.8.4 Feb/15/2016
AMG_data Struct Reference

Data for AMG solvers. More...

#include <fasp.h>

Data Fields

SHORT max_levels
 max number of levels
SHORT num_levels
 number of levels in use <= max_levels
dCSRmat A
 pointer to the matrix at level level_num
dCSRmat R
 restriction operator at level level_num
dCSRmat P
 prolongation operator at level level_num
dvector b
 pointer to the right-hand side at level level_num
dvector x
 pointer to the iterative solution at level level_num
void * Numeric
 pointer to the numerical factorization from UMFPACK
Pardiso_data pdata
 data for Intel MKL PARDISO
ivector cfmark
 pointer to the CF marker at level level_num
INT ILU_levels
 number of levels use ILU smoother
ILU_data LU
 ILU matrix for ILU smoother.
INT near_kernel_dim
 dimension of the near kernel for SAMG
REAL ** near_kernel_basis
 basis of near kernel space for SAMG
INT Schwarz_levels
 number of levels use Schwarz smoother
Schwarz_data Schwarz
 data of Schwarz smoother
dvector w
 Temporary work space.
Mumps_data mumps
 data for MUMPS
INT cycle_type
 cycle type

Detailed Description

Data for AMG solvers.

This is needed for the AMG solver/preconditioner.

Definition at line 722 of file fasp.h.

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