Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  2.0.7 March/15/2018
AMG_data Struct Reference

Data for AMG methods. More...

#include <fasp.h>

Data Fields

SHORT max_levels
 max number of levels
SHORT num_levels
 number of levels in use <= max_levels
dCSRmat A
 pointer to the matrix at level level_num
dCSRmat R
 restriction operator at level level_num
dCSRmat P
 prolongation operator at level level_num
dvector b
 pointer to the right-hand side at level level_num
dvector x
 pointer to the iterative solution at level level_num
void * Numeric
 pointer to the numerical factorization from UMFPACK
Pardiso_data pdata
 data for Intel MKL PARDISO
ivector cfmark
 pointer to the CF marker at level level_num
INT ILU_levels
 number of levels use ILU smoother
ILU_data LU
 ILU matrix for ILU smoother.
INT near_kernel_dim
 dimension of the near kernel for SAMG
REAL ** near_kernel_basis
 basis of near kernel space for SAMG
INT SWZ_levels
 number of levels use Schwarz smoother
SWZ_data Schwarz
 data of Schwarz smoother
dvector w
 temporary work space
Mumps_data mumps
 data for MUMPS
INT cycle_type
 cycle type
 indices for different colors
 mapping from vertex to color
INT colors
 number of colors
REAL weight
 weight for smoother

Detailed Description

Data for AMG methods.

This is needed for the AMG solver/preconditioner.

Definition at line 783 of file fasp.h.

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