Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  2.0.7 March/15/2018
AMG_param Struct Reference

Parameters for AMG methods. More...

#include <fasp.h>

Data Fields

 type of AMG method
SHORT print_level
 print level for AMG
INT maxit
 max number of iterations of AMG
REAL tol
 stopping tolerance for AMG solver
SHORT max_levels
 max number of levels of AMG
INT coarse_dof
 max number of coarsest level DOF
SHORT cycle_type
 type of AMG cycle
REAL quality_bound
 quality threshold for pairwise aggregation
SHORT smoother
 smoother type
SHORT smooth_order
 smoother order
SHORT presmooth_iter
 number of presmoothers
SHORT postsmooth_iter
 number of postsmoothers
REAL relaxation
 relaxation parameter for SOR smoother
SHORT polynomial_degree
 degree of the polynomial smoother
SHORT coarse_solver
 coarse solver type
SHORT coarse_scaling
 switch of scaling of the coarse grid correction
SHORT amli_degree
 degree of the polynomial used by AMLI cycle
 coefficients of the polynomial used by AMLI cycle
SHORT nl_amli_krylov_type
 type of Krylov method used by Nonlinear AMLI cycle
SHORT coarsening_type
 coarsening type
SHORT aggregation_type
 aggregation type
SHORT interpolation_type
 interpolation type
REAL strong_threshold
 strong connection threshold for coarsening
REAL max_row_sum
 maximal row sum parameter
REAL truncation_threshold
 truncation threshold
INT aggressive_level
 number of levels use aggressive coarsening
INT aggressive_path
 number of paths use to determine strongly coupled C points
INT pair_number
 number of pairwise matchings
REAL strong_coupled
 strong coupled threshold for aggregate
INT max_aggregation
 max size of each aggregate
REAL tentative_smooth
 relaxation parameter for smoothing the tentative prolongation
SHORT smooth_filter
 switch for filtered matrix used for smoothing the tentative prolongation
SHORT smooth_restriction
 smooth the restriction for SA methods or not
SHORT ILU_levels
 number of levels use ILU smoother
 ILU type for smoothing.
INT ILU_lfil
 level of fill-in for ILUs and ILUk
REAL ILU_droptol
 drop tolerance for ILUt
REAL ILU_relax
 relaxation for ILUs
REAL ILU_permtol
 permuted if permtol*|a(i,j)| > |a(i,i)|
INT SWZ_levels
 number of levels use Schwarz smoother
INT SWZ_mmsize
 maximal block size
INT SWZ_maxlvl
 maximal levels
INT SWZ_type
 type of Schwarz method
INT SWZ_blksolver
 type of Schwarz block solver

Detailed Description

Parameters for AMG methods.

This is needed for the AMG solver/preconditioner.

Definition at line 440 of file fasp.h.

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