Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  2.0.7 March/15/2018
dBSRmat Struct Reference

Block sparse row storage matrix of REAL type. More...

#include <fasp_block.h>

Data Fields

 number of rows of sub-blocks in matrix A, M
 number of cols of sub-blocks in matrix A, N
 number of nonzero sub-blocks in matrix A, NNZ
INT nb
 dimension of each sub-block
INT storage_manner
 storage manner for each sub-block
 integer array of row pointers, the size is ROW+1

Detailed Description

Block sparse row storage matrix of REAL type.

This data structure is adapted from the Intel MKL library. Refer to:
Some of the following entries are capitalized to stress that they are for blocks!

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Field Documentation

◆ JA


Element i of the integer array columns is the number of the column in the block matrix that contains the i-th non-zero block. The size is NNZ.

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◆ val

REAL* val

A real array that contains the elements of the non-zero blocks of a sparse matrix. The elements are stored block-by-block in row major order. A non-zero block is the block that contains at least one non-zero element. All elements of non-zero blocks are stored, even if some of them is equal to zero. Within each nonzero block elements are stored in row-major order and the size is (NNZ*nb*nb).

Definition at line 57 of file fasp_block.h.

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