Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  2.0.7 March/15/2018
grid2d Struct Reference

Two dimensional grid data structure. More...

#include <fasp_grid.h>

Data Fields

REAL(* p )[2]
INT(* e )[2]
INT(* t )[3]
INT(* s )[3]
INT vertices
INT edges
INT triangles

Detailed Description

Two dimensional grid data structure.

The grid2d structure is simply a list of triangles, edges and vertices. edge i has 2 vertices e[i], triangle i has 3 edges s[i], 3 vertices t[i] vertex i has two coordinates p[i]

Definition at line 24 of file fasp_grid.h.

Field Documentation

◆ e

INT(* e)[2]

Vertices of edges

Definition at line 27 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ edges

INT edges

Number of edges

Definition at line 38 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ ediri

INT* ediri

Boundary flags (0 <=> interior edge)

Definition at line 31 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ efather

INT* efather

Father edge or triangle

Definition at line 34 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ p

REAL(* p)[2]

Coordinates of vertices

Definition at line 26 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ pdiri

INT* pdiri

Boundary flags (0 <=> interior point)

Definition at line 30 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ pfather

INT* pfather

Father point or edge

Definition at line 33 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ s

INT(* s)[3]

Edges of triangles

Definition at line 29 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ t

INT(* t)[3]

Vertices of triangles

Definition at line 28 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ tfather

INT* tfather

Father triangle

Definition at line 35 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ triangles

INT triangles

Number of triangles

Definition at line 39 of file fasp_grid.h.

◆ vertices

INT vertices

Number of grid points

Definition at line 37 of file fasp_grid.h.

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