Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioning  2.0.7 March/15/2018
precond_data Struct Reference

Data for preconditioners. More...

#include <fasp.h>

Data Fields

 type of AMG method
SHORT print_level
 print level in AMG preconditioner
INT maxit
 max number of iterations of AMG preconditioner
SHORT max_levels
 max number of AMG levels
REAL tol
 tolerance for AMG preconditioner
SHORT cycle_type
 AMG cycle type.
SHORT smoother
 AMG smoother type.
SHORT smooth_order
 AMG smoother ordering.
SHORT presmooth_iter
 number of presmoothing
SHORT postsmooth_iter
 number of postsmoothing
REAL relaxation
 relaxation parameter for SOR smoother
SHORT polynomial_degree
 degree of the polynomial smoother
SHORT coarsening_type
 switch of scaling of the coarse grid correction
SHORT coarse_solver
 coarse solver type for AMG
SHORT coarse_scaling
 switch of scaling of the coarse grid correction
SHORT amli_degree
 degree of the polynomial used by AMLI cycle
SHORT nl_amli_krylov_type
 type of Krylov method used by Nonlinear AMLI cycle
REAL tentative_smooth
 smooth factor for smoothing the tentative prolongation
 coefficients of the polynomial used by AMLI cycle
 AMG preconditioner data.
 ILU preconditioner data (needed for CPR type preconditioner)
 Matrix data.
 Matrix data for near kernel.
 Prolongation for near kernel.
 Restriction for near kernel.
dvector r
 temporary dvector used to store and restore the residual
 temporary work space for other usage

Detailed Description

Data for preconditioners.

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